"Top 1% of CME courses I've taken in 30 years!" - Dominic Costable, MD

"No Comparison. This course is priceless." - James Boyed, MD

BHRT Series Courses

CME Accredited Medical Education

Part I is a workshop utilizing a scientific literature review of HRT, case presentations, then case management requiring audience participation, an approach designed to help physicians successfully and knowledgeably treat their age management patients.

Part II follows the Part One series with advanced concepts and up-to-date research. This two and a half day seminar will keep you current on the appropriate skills needed to manage everyday problems.

The educational process for Part III is both didactic and interactive with maximum audience participation. All of the most complex, interesting, and confusing cases experienced by Dr.Rouzier over the last ten years are presented.

For years Part III attendees have lamented, “So is that all there is? Can’t there be more? Although there are new articles, research, updates, literature critiques, and sarcasm (of course), the majority of this course will be problem solving, case management, mistakes to avoid, and tricks of the trade.

Medicine is changing, doctors and practitioners are no longer satisfied with the status quo of treating symptoms with medications and managing illness for their patients. Chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, cancer, strokes, and dementia continue to rise. Instead of managing disease, our goal as an organization is to provide evidence based education that seeks to prevent these types of diseases from occurring in the first place.


Neal's Book

Dr. Rouzier is a pioneer in the bio-identical hormone replacement field, practicing almost since it's inception.


How to Achieve Healthy Aging is the revolutionary guide to restore physical, emotional, and sexual well-being.